An Oz-Some Experience: 2017 Event Detail & Tickets

An Oz-Some Experience: 2017 Event Detail & Tickets

An Oz-Some Experience: 2017 Event Detail & Tickets

Are you getting excited for our next big bash? Well get your costumes ready to join five thousand more enthusiastic party-goers at Kino Sports Complex as The Centurions are moving into full gear in preparations for this years themed party coming very soon – May 6, 2017.

The declaration of this annual festive party officially themed as “An Oz-Some Experience: A Ding Dong Doozie of a Do” is the concept dreamed up by this year’s event chairman, LaMonte Hunley. All guests 21 and over are welcomed to enjoy the excitement and wonders in this great land of Oz that LaMonte has planned for us…

  • Live Entertainment:Grab some drinks and enjoy the live band music of this Oz-some party.
  • Play for Charity:A lot of gambling games such as Roulette, Craps, Blackjack are waiting for you at the venue, where you can donate your winnings and play as long as you want.
  • Over the Rainbow Raffles:Win exciting cash prizes totaling $27,000 by entering the Wizard’s All Powerful Raffle for just $100 per ticket. The luckiest All Powerful winner will receive a brand-new car from Watson Chevrolet! You can also play Toto’s “Ruff-le” Raffle ($20 for 5 tickets) to win an array of Oz-some prizes.
  • Costume Competition:Slip into the dazzling costumes of the Oz-some characters, like Dorothy, The Scarecrow, or even a flying monkey, and have a chance to win a great and powerful prize!
  • Sustenance for The Wicked:It’s going to be a long day at the Emerald City. Don’t worry about going hungry or thirsty though, because your paid admission includes a complimentary dinner, some late-night munchies, and unlimited supplies of soda and water. Believe it or not, your ticket also includes 5 FREE adult beverages! You can redeem your event ticket at the entrance to get your casino coupons and drinks. Truly Oz-some, isn’t it?

This charitable event, with Tucson Medical Center as the presenting sponsor, aims to raise great and powerful funds for the primary beneficiary, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson (BBBST). With this one-night extravaganza, which also includes a cigar bar, Wicked Witch of the East t-shirts, games, tests of skill, and other entertaining activities, The Centurions aim to improve children’s lives by providing support to this Oz-some Southern Arizona charity focused on the betterment of healthcare, mentorship of children, and their education.

So are you ready to join this massive annual party? The tickets are on sale now!

Oz-some event tickets are conveniently priced at $95 ($60 is even TAX DEDUCTIBLE!), which means a night packed with fun, food, entertainment, and prizes without breaking the bank.

A limited number of exclusive VIP passes to this wonderful land of Oz are also available, which will get you special hors d’oeuvres along with premium cocktails too. But hurry now as these passes are already beginning to sell very quickly!

If you are looking to put on an all-powerful show of ultimate wizardry, then these sponsorship packages are custom-made to meet your needs:

    • Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers – $3,500: Includes 35 event tickets, 4 VIP passes, 10 reserved parking passes, 8 casino vouchers, and the best electronic display at venue!
    • Scarecrow’s Diploma in Thinkology – $2,250: Includes 22 event tickets, 6 reserved parking passes, 4 casino vouchers, and great electronic display at venue.
    • Tin Man’s Testimonial Hearts – $1,250: Includes 12 event tickets, 4 reserved parking passes, 2 casino vouchers, and good electronic display at venue.
    • Cowardly Lion’s Medal of Courage – $600: 6 event tickets, 2 reserved parking passes, 1 casino voucher, and some electronic display at venue.

Still aiming for more? Opt for the themed MVP Event Suites with 20 seats each for only $4,500. Only 1 MVP suite is still available (as of 3/3/17). To book this suite, contact the Centurions’ office at (520) 209-1842.

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today at, and let the great and powerful Wizard of Oz make all your wishes come true!


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