Centurions Receive ‘2018 Tucson Strong Award’


The Tucson Strong Award was presented to The Centurions by the organizers of the NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl during the kickoff luncheon for the 2018 Arizona Bowl. As noted in their program:

“The Centurions is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that supports a wide range of charitable organizations and projects in Southern Arizona. The Centurions maintain a membership of 100 active members that are among Southern Arizona’s most prominent business and civic leaders.

Originally funded in 1968, their rich tradition of raising money and giving back to Southern Arizona charities is recognized throughout the region. In addition to their commitment to fundraising, they are well-known for throwing the year’s best party at their annual themed Event. We invite you to continue to support their charitable efforts by attending their “Summer of Love” party on April 27 at Kino Sports Complex.

NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl is proud to present the Tucson Strong Award to The Centurions for their enduring positive impact on the Southern Arizona Community.”