The Centurions is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, that supports a wide range of charitable organizations and projects in Southern Arizona. The Centurions maintain a membership of 100 active members that are among Southern Arizona’s most prominent business and civic leaders.Originally founded in 1968 as an associate support group of St. Mary’s Hospital, the Centurion name was chosen to honor the one hundred years of service given to Southern Arizona by Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital. The name further reflects the members’ focus on business and civic leadership in the community by the historical reference to the Roman Centurion, a leader of 100 soldiers.

In 1970 the group organized its first fundraising effort to help raise money for St. Mary’s Burn Center which, at that time, was in dire need of support. Through the efforts of the Centurions and the generosity of the Tucson community, the Burn Center gradually became the preeminent burn rehabilitation facility in the Southwest.

In the 45 years that followed The Centurions directed their fund raising efforts to a wide variety of St Mary’s and Carondelet’s projects culminating in a 2 million dollar gift for the “Fulfilling the Promise” Capital Campaign.

In 2014, the Centurions reorganized and expanded its gift giving to include other organizations in the community including Tu Nidito, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and Tucson Medical Center. The Centurions plan to continue supporting a wide range of charitable organizations and projects in southern Arizona.

Past Events


Comic Con Caper

Chairman: Joe Duhey Theme: Comic Con Location: Downtown Tucson

The Great Disco Ball

2015 Chairman: Tony Poe Theme: The Great Disco Ball Location: Rillito Race Track

The Great Neanderthal Bash, a Stone Age Rampage

Chairman: Ron Teaney Theme: Fred Flintstone meets Jurassic Park Location: Rillito Downs Race Track

The Great Outlaw Brouhaha, The Good, The Bad and the Centurions

Chairman: Toby Allen Theme: Western Location: Tucson Rodeo Grounds, Irvington and 3rd Avenue

The Great Masquerade Escapade, The Ball to End All !

Chairman: Bill Hussey Theme: Masquerade Party Location: Downtown Tucson, 5th Av & Congress

The Great Prohibition Exposition, A Bootlegger off Broadway!

Chairman: Stan Spackeen Theme: The Roaring 20s & Prohibition Location: Downtown Tucson, 5th Av & Congress

The Great Pajama-Rama, A Nightie to Remember!

Chairman: Chip Yetzer Theme: A Pajama Party Location: Tucson Electric Park

Centurion Saturday Night, No More Blues, Brother!

Chairman: Mike Furrier Theme: Saturday Night Live Location: Tucson Electric Park

The Great Parrothead Ball

Chairman: Jan Fiakas Theme: Same Latitude New Attitude Location: Tucson Electric Park

The 007 Event, A Bond Voyage with a License to Chill

Chairman: Michael Osborne Theme: James Bond 007 Location: Tucson Electric Park

Viva Las Vegas

Chairman: Scott Carnes Theme: Its Vegas Baby Location: Tucson Electric Park

Pirates of the Catalinas

Chairman: Jack Harris Theme: Buccaneers, Wenches & Grog Location: Tucson Electric Park

West of the Pecos Fracas

Chairman: Chris Kemmerly Theme: Old West Location: Rillito Downs Race Track

The Great Reggae Melee! Jamaica Me Crazy Mon!

Chairman: Neal Preimesberger Theme: Reggae Location: Pima County Fairgrounds

Heroes & Heroines, An Unbridled Idol Revival!

Chairman: Peter Backus Theme: Heros & Heroines Location: Tucson Electric Park

Mardi Gras 2001 A Ragin Cajun Occasion

Chairman: Bob Kline Theme: Mardi Gras Location: Tucson Electric Park

Toga 2000

Chairman: Bill Assenmacher Theme: Toga Party for the New Millenium Location: Tucson Electric Park

Rock at Woodstock

Chairman: Alan Michaels Theme: Woodstock Nation for the New Generation Location: Tucson Electric Park

The Great Base Ball, A Diamond Theme on a Field of Dreams…

Chairman: Jim Rohen Theme: Baseball Location: Tucson Electric Park

Safari So Goodie – It’s a Jungle Out There

Chairman: T. K. Warfield Theme: Jungle Adventure Location: Hi Corbett Field

An Olympic Tribute 1996 – The Great Marathon Decathlon

Chairman: Tony Mellor Theme: Olympics Location: Sportspark

The Great Silver Screen Movie Character Scene

Chairman: Ken Sarnoski Theme: Movie Characters Location: Hi Corbett Field

The Great Silver Anniversary Event

Chairman: Gale Bundrick Theme: Still Alive After 25 Location: Hi Corbett Field

The Great Outer Space Disgrace

Chairman: Bruce Beach Theme: Intergalactic Gaiety Location: Gates Learjet Hangar

The Great South Pacific Ocean Commotion!

Chairman: Guy Bittner Theme: Polynesia Location: Hi Corbett Field

The Great Raucous Caucus Debaucous – An Unconventional Political Convention

Chairman: Mike Leverenz Theme: Political Location: Tucson Convention Center

The Late Great Rock N Roll Estate

Chairman: Glenn Luglan Theme: Rock & Roll Music Location: Hi Corbett Field

The Great Wild and Wooly Western Wound Up

Chairman: Bill Kordsiemon, Sr. Theme: Old West Location: Old Tucson

The Great Times Square Affair

Chairman: Dave Henry Theme: The Big Apple Location: Williams Center

The Great White Hat and Dirty Rat Format

Chairman: Brian Harpel Theme: Good Guys & Bad Guys Location: Pima County Fairgrounds

The Great Downtown Clown Around

Chairman: Mike Dehen Theme: A Circus Party Location: Tucson Community Center

The Great Funny Paper Caper

Chairman: Jim Ronstadt Theme: Comic Characters Location: Hi Corbett Field

The Great Flying Machine Scene

Chairman: Bill Hanson Theme: Wright Brothers to The Right Stuff Location: Gates LearJet Hangar

Dragons and Flagons

Chairman: Charlie ODowd Theme: A Medieval Fantasy Party Location: Downtown Underground Parking Garage

Its The Real Sting

Chairman: Loring Green Theme: The Sting Location: Rillito Racetrack

The Great Daisy Mae Melee

Chairman: Rod Freeman Theme: Ma & Pa Kettle on The Farm Location: Tucson Rodeo Grounds

The Great Caesars Seizure Celebration

Chairman: Wally Burg Theme: Government & Political Life Location: Hi Corbett Field

The Great Mash Bash

Chairman: Lynn Marvel Theme: M.A.S.H Location: Pima Air Museum

The Great Train Junction Function

Chairman: Joe Hernandez Theme: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid Location: Tucson Train Station

The Great King Kong Caper

Chairman: Tim Rooker Location: Great Western Bank Garage

The Great Wing Ding Airport Party

Chairman: Mel Robbins Location: Tucson International Airport

The Great Depression Party of 1975

Chairman: Mel Robbins Location: Tucson Community Center

The Great Gatsby

Chairman: Paul Baker Location: El Dorado Movie Theater