Sponsor Logo Submission Form

Please complete the form below to submit a logo. In order to give the BEST & MOST PROFESSIONAL representation possible, please upload a high resolution image.

What is a high resolution image?

We will need a logo that is at least 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.  Logos pulled from websites are not typically large enough.

A version of the logo that would be used for printing purposes (like on a business card) is preferred. These images are usually at least 300 DPI (pixels per inch) and are saved to PNG or JPG format (though we will also accept TIFF, BMP, PSD, EPS & AI formats as well). We can try to use a 72 DPI image if that is all you have so long as it is at least 600W x 600H.

What if I submit an image that isn’t high resolution?

Your image, when displayed on a TV screen, will look similar to this. The edges are blurry and may look distorted and smaller text will be hard to read.

Can you tell me if I have given you an image that isn’t good enough?

Yes, we will let you know.

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  • Please upload the logo for the sponsor to be used for promotional purposes.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, eps, bmp, tiff, psd, ai.
  • Sponsor Information

    Please provide the information about the sponsor that is being submitted.
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